froxlor Server Management Panel

froxlor: The server administration software for your needs.
Developed by experienced server administrators, this open source (GPL) panel simplifies the effort of managing your hosting platform.


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Full control

froxlor can help you set up and manage your server(s).

  • easy to set up and use - within minutes
  • no deep interventions in the system
  • manage domains, mail-accounts, databases and more
  • See the full list of features


froxlor is completely free for private and commercial use.

The froxlor project is licensed under the GPLv2


Help needed?

In case you need any help you can take a look at our documentation or visit our forum.

We also provide reliable and budget-friendly commercial support see


There are many ways to contribute to froxlor. Administrative work, the forum (moderator), maintaining our documentation, translate froxlor into other languages and of course help developing / providing patches. See the get the source section for more info.

Wherever you want to participate, don't hesitate to visit us on IRC (, post in our forum or write us an email to


See below what froxlor includes and what it can do for you

Manage your complete mail-, FTP- & webspace infrastructure in one central place
use multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses per domain (multistack)
custom errorpages, path settings and directory protection for all supported webservers
Perl/PHP support via SuEXEC and/or FastCGI and php-fpm
Individual PHP- and SSL- configurations per domain
A support-ticket system for communication between customer and reseller / administrator
Integrated reseller and customer messaging system



We also provide packages for Debian and Gentoo

  • Gentoo: Ebuild via Froxlor-Repository (Layman)
  • Debian: deb [squeeze|wheezy] main

Help on how to install/use these packages, see our wiki

Get the source

froxlor manages its source with the help of the DSCM GIT. You may clone our repository from the sources listed below. We welcome patches in the "git-format-patch" - format or as a pull-request on (preferred)

  • git clone git:// <target/directory>
  • git clone <target/directory>
  • Browse sources:

Social networking

Say thanks

Any contribution helps us to improve froxlor, if you want to help us too but don't want to get into coding, we won't say no to a PayPal or flattr donation.

If you intend to sponsor us with servers, domains or similar, don't hesitate to contact us at



We thank the following donators for their help (in order of donation-date)

  • Felix Lautenschläger
  • Arnold Bechtoldt
  • Vitaly Pashkov (3x)
  • Roland Fenster
  • Bedios eBusiness Solutions
  • Maximilian Schirmer
  • Chris Vigelius
  • Sven Trautwein
  • Tobias Irlinger
  • Sven Rothe
  • Holger Schüma
  • Jens Jäger
  • Ulf Reimers
  • Thorsten Oechsler
  • Hosting Coupon (Orange Web Solutions)
  • Hubert Pluta
  • Felix Schröter (2x)
  • Matthias Diehl
  • Thomas Flad
  • Sebastian Pohl (2x)
  • Fabian Schütze (2x)
  • Michael Fritscher
  • - Ben Graepel
  • Elisabeth Mohammad
  • Markus Maurer
  • Stephan Huke
  • Stefan Sorge
  • Domenik Niemietz
  • Daniel Münnemann
  • Johan Draaisma (2x)
  • Felix Herzog
  • Christian Rilke (4x)
  • Max Merz (2x)
  • Gernot Frisch
  • Falco Kleinschmidt (2x)
  • Frank Koeppert
  • Nico Donath (2x)
  • Andreas Ruttkamp
  • Patrick Fischer
  • Richard R.
  • BrightByte Ltd
  • Purebytes
  • Simon Schiefer
  • Claudio Hediger
  • Matthias Thunack
  • Jakob Beclin
  • Tobias Mücksch
  • Patrik Kernstock
  • Tobias Peter
  • Stefano Marelli
  • Florian Scholz
  • Hendrik Hagendorn
  • Crafted Media
  • Helge Sverre

Servers, traffic, ip's and more

currently provided by NuTime UG and SKYWAY DataCenter GmbH

Backupserver, traffic and more by Key-Systems GmbH

Neteraser (EleRas) - many hours of manpower, wisdom and a lot more


Kapper Network-Communication GmbH
Kapper Network-Communication GmbH - regular donations

Former sponsors

Without the help of these sponsors froxlor would not be what it is today - thank you!

  • igeneration
  • Filoo GmbH
  • GmbH